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I remember the look on Seal's face (watch the video on the right) when he saw the second generation iMac for the first time. It was the same face a man makes when a beautiful woman makes eye contact with him as she walks by. It's a combination of being stunned, in lust and being a little in disbelief that created the expression on his face. It's one of those expressions that no one word can accurately describe and I'm sure many people replicated it the moment they saw it for the first time as well. I did.

The one part of the metaphor that I think really makes the iMac stands out is the eye contact. The machine is so infused with personality that the moment you see if for the first time, there is an instant connection. As if it were an old friend (actually... more like a past flame).

The iMac G4 was introduced to the world as the new iMac on January 7th, 2002. It was a complete redesign however it carried over some of the original guiding principles of the original iMac. The first being approachable (due to people's fear of technology) and the second being simple. The solution was something out of a science fiction movie. In certain angles, the computer looks like a screen suspended in mid air and nothing else.

The computer was created to be the ultimate digital hub. A user would be able to connect with all a their devices (iPod, digital camera, camcorder) and it came with all the software needed to make a user immediately able to manage and edit their assets. In addition to iTunes, iMovie and iDVD, Apple introduced iPhoto; software that allowed users to upload and manage their photos and export them into slideshows, DVDs and even photo books.

Design wise, Apple saw it as: "The opportunity of the decade to reshape desktop computing" by essentially saying goodbye to CRT monitors and through the combination of the monitor and the computer, simplify the footprint of the home computer. The result was a machine far less complex, more ergonomically sensitive and an excellent example of organic technology; a machine that conforms to the user rather than having the user conform to the machine.

The new iMac was initially sold with the 15" monitor for $1,299 however it was incrementally upgraded. They were made available with 17-inch (43 cm) for $1,799 on July 17, 2002 and then 20-inch (51 cm) widescreen LCDs for $,2,199 on November 18, 2003.

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